Your computers, printers, and other equipment should be professionally maintained both physically and electronically.  Below are a few useful tips.

Physical Maintenance
  • Make sure there is adequate room to allow air to enter and exit the case.

  • Raise the computer away from the floor, especially carpeted areas.

  • Check that all case fans and the power supply fan are spinning properly.

  • Listen for any strange noises.

  • Be very careful with Canned Air, it can cause more debris to enter your computer case and do more harm than good.  If you use canned air, blow the dust away from the computer and not into it.

  • If you are in a high dust environment, have the computer professionally cleaned regularly.

  • With the computer off, turn the keyboard over and shake it, then vacuum it.

  • If you are using a mouse with a ball, remove the ball and clean it and the rollers with alcohol.

  • If you continue to have trouble with a keyboard or mouse, just replace them, they are inexpensive.

  • With the computer off and the power unplugged, wipe down the outside of the case with a damp cloth

  • Dust in a CD or DVD player can cause it to skip or not track.  Light canned air in the front of the player ok if you are experiencing this type of trouble.

SuperAlien Case in Service 1 year.  Was exposed to severe dust during a remodel.

Processor was hitting shutoff temp and shutting down system.  Second picture is cpu heat-sink with fan removed.  "S" pattern is fan framework, so heat-sink was getting zero airflow.  Debris over SATA RAID hard drives came from double intake frame in front of case.  Other 5 case fans blow out of the case.


Software Maintenance