Should you use Flash on your website?

Though Flash Technology is admittedly cool to watch, it is not always the best solution for your small companies website.  The most important thing your business website needs to accomplish is to communicate information quickly and easily.  Pages should load fast, and users should be able to find the exact information they seek within a few short moments.  Flash also will add substantially to the initial cost and maintenance of your website.

Below, you will find an article by Kestrel Designs regarding pros and cons of using Flash on your business website.

If you feel Flash is still the best way to represent your companies website and worth the additional time and expense of Flash programming, I work closely with a couple Flash programmers and together we can bring you the Flash website you desire.

Flash Technology - Advantages & Disadvantages

Although Macromedia, the creator of Flash technology, claims that 98.3% of Internet users have the ability to view Flash, one has to consider the methodology for the survey and how well someone can view Flash.  For one thing, the survey was restricted to English speaking participants.  In addition, although the participant would have been warned not to download the player during the survey, their computer would have automatically prompted them to do so.  More importantly the survey does not take into consideration the version of Flash they may have and the speed, memory, and connection of their computer.  When you consider all of the factors, a realistic estimate of the percentage of Internet users that can view Flash as intended would probably be closer to 65%.

Should you use Flash on YOUR web site?



(source, Kestrel Designs, 2003)