Currently Active Hosted Websites - Complete site rebuild with some existing graphics.  Basic web presence for specialized transport company. - Complete site build for business.  Template build with altered look and feel. - Site build using some new art and existing art.  Now includes a shopping cart and embedded blog and other objects. - Hosting taken over to incorporate existing graphics.
  London Bridge Rotary Club.  Includes member section as well as shopping cart with OSCommerce.  This site will be further developed with more content and functions.  All look and feel by Stephen Malm
  J's Lake Havasu.  Portal to multiple J's Shops in Lake Havasu City

Share-Inc International.  Basic graphics prepared by Share-Inc.  parsed the prepared images for web use.  This is a good entry level website.  Ted Williams photography products.  Full Miva storefront.  All images and site concept by Stephen Malm except for product images. Website look and feel by Daniel Park.  Hosting, Email, and updates by Malm Consulting.
  Hot Properties ( is a trend merchandising company which sells wholesale.  Stephen Malm has done all programming and design of this site.
Whatever Company.  Basic Company Website.  Logo by Hector Salas.  This site will be further developed in the future.

Dental office website and Institute sub-site.  All pages created entirely by Stephen Malm.  The domain and is also pointed to this website. (Goodie Two Sleeves Online Shopping  Hosting.  Basic hosting and email.  Pet project site.  Entire site done by Stephen Malm.  Research/Resource website.  This domain is also pointed to this site.  Complete build including Discussion Forum

Inactive Websites Still in Demo Mode - Website look and feel by Daniel Park.  Hosting, Email, and updates by Malm Consulting.  Retired Website.  Simple Trend Product Site with Paypal Payment Links  Retired Website.  Complete site build, graphics, and hosting by Malm Consulting.  Retired Website.  Basic graphics prepared by oneproducts for a flier.  I integrated this to the website and carried the look to the pages other then the products page.  This is a good entry level website.
  Packaging Technology of America Website is a simple information based website.  Images are supplied, the rest of the design and layout by Stephen Malm.  Site done entirely by Stephen Malm.  Site owner determining future of endeavor.

  Jafra Online Gift Shop is a gift shop for the cosmetic company.  The unique thing about this site is that it is bilingual (English and Spanish) including the shopping cart.  Hector Salas prepared the base web page images, all other work by Stephen Malm.
  Websites to Possibly be Developed  Possible Future Site  Email hosting only at this time.  Page holder on site.  Possible Future Site
  Inactive Websites with No Demo Mode  Official William Hung Merchandise Website.  This website has been retired since William's 15 minute of fame has expired... All art other then product images prepared by Stephen Malm.  Miva Cart created entirely by Stephen Malm. (not functional, just a front page look and feel) was a trend merchandising retail site. 

Stephen Malm did all of the programming and design on this site. Planettrends was closed in December 2001 due to ownership organizational issues.  The shopping cart section is no longer active and this is a demo site only.  closed. is another project which was being developed by never took off..  

Stephen Malm did all of the design and programming on this site.  This is now a demo site only.  closed  

Developing very basic site for selling closeout merchandise.  closed

Avalanche Publishing is a trend merchandising company in Huntington Beach, CA. (sorry, site is now down since the new one is up) Stephen Malm did updates only on this site and coordinated moving the site to a new host and rebuilding the shopping cart.  Stephen Malm's cart structure and look and feel, client has prepared and chosen their own graphics and colors.  Pop up window options used.  Monkeywards has chosen to do their own tech updates after the initial rollout.
Global One is a site which Stephen Malm was also operationally involved with.  Pat Wirz did the design and programming on this site as well.  This site is no longer active since Global One was closed.  Image Oasis, a subsidiary of Global One, also had a retail site which Stephen Malm was also involved with operationally. Global One was the successor of OSP Publishing.
  Avalanche Publishing 2003-2005 website Due to the buyout of Avalanche Publishing Inc. by The Lang Companies, I have chosen to no longer service this account or managing their web.
  Avalanche Publishing 2002/2003 website.  Graphics again by Soo Jung.  Technical build and organization by Stephen Malm.  Site is archived and retired.  Shopping cart pages do not work for this reason.
  Avalanche Publishing 2001 website.  I have done the entire technical build of this site inclusive of the shopping cart and all web pages.  Graphic Art created by Soo Jung.  archive Website is now handled entirely in house by Junkfood Clothing.